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Definitions and risks of electromagnetic waves

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Swiss Shield fabric against EMI - definition

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Electromagnetic waves 
....which are the risks?


Definition of the term

The popular-scientific designation "electro smog" is a comprehensive term for all electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic rays which arise everywhere where electric current flows or an electrical field exists. The most popular sources are electrical installations, main power lines, elevator systems, industrial plants, wireless transmitters, television and radio transmitters, mobile telephones. radar and traffic supervision etc

In many structural objects such as medical practices, hospitals, banks, insurance, industry, authorities, computing centers etc. exist risks for the health of humans, for processing and data security, the risks for disturbance of the enterprise or the technical devices.


Risks for humans

Depending on strength of the electromagnetic waves and depending on the degree of sensitivity of the individual to such radiation the well being and the health are impaired. Until today there are no reliable scientific studies on possible long-term damage, caused by electromagnetic waves.

However, more and more people do not want to wait for these results and they have started to protect themselves in their homes against such kind of radiation. They also expect that the same kind of precautionary measures are taken in public buildings. It is extremely important to protect humans in hospitals from the exposure to the damaging electric fields. In future more and more hotels will be offering protected rooms for their guests.


Risks for technical devices

The regulations and  the possibilities of equipment protection against disturbing electromagnetic waves always limp remarkably behind the technical development and the rapidly growing electrification of our daily life. The omnipresent handy and handy antennas increase the risks for technical devices and installations. In intensive care areas as for example in hospitals or laboratories there are many electronic devices for diagnostics, monitoring, treatment etc. Disturbances from any source will have catastrophic consequences. 


Risks for data processing

Unexplainable disturbances of computers and networks belong to the everyday life. The awareness regarding the risks of electro magnetically perturbing fields is growing among the responsible persons.


Risks for data security

IT equipment is relatively easy to protect from outside disturbances. In England several cases of data terrorism (blackmail) have become known.

A topic of growing importance is the data security against espionage . Most computer screens, graphic cards and video maps can be easily tapped within a distance of 30 - 100 meters. The more sensitive the data which is processed the higher the risks.






shielding electromagnetic fields with Swiss Shield products

shielding electromagnetic fields with Swiss Shield products



shielding electromagnetic fields with Swiss Shield products














shielding electromagnetic fields with Swiss Shield products






Swiss Shield
.... first-class textile shielding performance


Areas must be shielded in a way that disturbances from the outside are prevented and that perturbing fields from within the building are kept confined. A classical Faraday' cage reduces electromagnetic fields ten thousand to a hundred thousand times. It would be extremely difficult and costly to build a room lined with metal sheets and special openings. However in most cases it is sufficient to reduce the electromagnetic waves to the tenth or to the hundredth. Swiss Shield ® products offer simple, uncomplicated and nevertheless highly effective protection - they are economically feasible, flexible in application and aesthetically ok.


Swiss Shield ® curtains

Electromagnetic rays enter rooms easily through windows. Translucent light curtains produced in the Swiss Shield concept and mounted in front of single windows or along the entire wall to the outside prevent electro smog effectively. Humans are efficiently protected from electromagnetic waves.


shielding electromagnetic fields with Swiss Shield products
Swiss Shield ® partial curtains

Partial screens (e.g. space divisors, outside and inner wall screens) can be used in a versatile and individual ways to protect yourself. Mounted by specialists Swiss Shield® partial screens guarantee optimal protection from electromagnetic fields.

shielding electromagnetic fields with Swiss Shield products



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