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Spundyed DECORA Polyester POY yarns

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PES Decora for texturizing

Decora spun dyed dope dyed polyester textile yarns from Miroglio

DECORA spundyed polyester yarn  Miroglio Alba - the new owner of the Decora trademark 

As per 01.10.2005 Miroglio of Alba Italy has taken over from Setila Widnau the entire Decora line. This includes color laboratory, all production equipment, the recipes, the trademark and the trademark DECORA. The equipment is mounted in Miroglio' s Saluzzo plant and is expected to be fully operational in 1st quarter 2006.

DECORA® POY spundyed yarns

New Information on Setila polyester yarns in automotive    Decora polyester in automotive applications

DECORA for automotive applications

Today, 65% of all textiles used in the automotive sector are made from polyester filament yarn: seats, door panels, roof-lining. Because of its outstanding capacity for development and creativity, Miroglio (formerly owned by Setila) is one of the leading contributors to this market, supplying the right yarn to equip more than 3 million vehicles with fabrics and velours in a wide range of colours. A close collaboration with the automotive  manufacturers ensures a perfect creation of fabrics which will be used in the cars of tomorrow.

To meet the demands of the world's major automotive producers, Miroglio (formerly owned by Setila) offers DECORA ® a spundyed polyester yarn whose technology allows the manufacturer to achieve exceptional resistance to the effects of lights and UV rays. The technology and performance features of this yarn underline Miroglio's (Decora was formerly owned by Setila) ensured position in the automotive market.

The assets of polyester filament yarn are undisputed throughout the world: its tenacity, crease resistance, good thermo plasticity for all texturizing processes, a pleasant handle and its good blending properties with animal and vegetable staple fibers.

Technology has allowed the utilization life of a vehicle to be increased by several years. With the application of spun dyed DECORA polyester yarns it is now possible to reach the same durability levels for the interior of such vehicles. Upholstery, side panels and roofing fabrics retain their colors in spite of  exposure to light, UV rays, high temperatures and humidity.

High service value demands in terms of shape stability, rubbing fastness and ease of maintenance are calling for polyester to be used. With today's demands for recycling the use of one single material is a must in the automobile industry.

Jet- or spin dyeing of polyester filament is a speciality of Miroglio (Decora was formerly owned by Setila). Compared with piece dyeing, high quality dyestuffs are added to the spinning mass. This results is a number of distinct practical advantages:

  • The additional cost of spun-dyed raw material is significantly lower than the expenditure for subsequent piece-dyeing. Dependent on colours, fabrics made from DECORA ® are 6 to 10% less expensive than piece-dyed goods. The piece-dyeing of small lots involving high energy and water consumption, often with carrier additives, is not needed with spun-dyed yarns.
  • DECORA ® - a direct and genuine contribution to environmental protection.
  • The advantages of spin-dyeing are the:
    - Depth of the colour
    - An unusually wide palette of bright colours

This was what man-made fibers were unable to give textile designers, interior designers and artists until now: woven fabrics, warp knitted, circular knitted and other fabrics with the excellent properties of rawwhite polyester yarns, but with far more opportunities for colours and colour accuracy.

Spun-dyed DECORA ® guarantees maximum colour evenness from lot to lot permitting the production of extremely large batches in a uniform colour.

In fact, up to 60'000 meters of fabric in the very same shade from the first to the last meter. This is only possible with spin-dyeing. Additionally, a much more precise shade continuity from lot to lot. Colour and spinning mass can be precisely adjusted for accurately predictable results.

The advantages in making up are obvious:

  • No more complaints about colour differences - smooth punctual processing throughout the entire production process right up to the consumer.
  • DECORA ® has excellent colour fastness values. The colors meet automotive standards with a grade of 7 on the 5x FAKRA test blue scale, grade 4 on the grey scale and they are tested according to 
    DIN 75202 relating to the determination of heat light-fastness of synthetics in vehicle interiors
  • Maximum light fastness results are achieved. Maximum values are recorded for washing, water and perspiration.
  • Unlimited texturizing possibilities, both in air jet and torsion technology (PU friction disks).
  • Enormous thermo plasticity proves itself especially in texturizing, no matter what process in fact, only spin-dyeing made the production of colored HE (single heater or FT) yarns possible.
  • In every finished form, spun-dyed DECORA ® yarns retain their properties with an absolute minimum of deviations.
  • Small as well as very large quantities can be produced in the same colour, whereby exactly the same tone in terms of shade and lightness will be reproduced from the first to the last kg. All spinning campaigns are subject to colorimetric testing, they are continuously compared with the master (original color) and produced within narrow tolerance limits. All repetitions are true to the original colour.
  • Spun-dyed yarns are used to produce blended yarns in air texturing. Various color tones are obtained by varying delivery of core / effect yarns
  • They are also used in parallel Taslan.
  • Comprehensive colour cards with automobile standards are available.
  • However, in principle, any tone can be reproduced, provided it meets the strict requirements of equality, colour accuracy and possibility for metamerism.
  • Spun-dyed yarns lead to reduced environmental damage, given that there are no remainings of dye baths created or auxiliary materials which then have to be disposed of.

DECORA ® has a comprehensive range of yarn counts to cater for every possible area of application.

Apart from the standard yarns, a wide range of yarn counts is available from dtex 30 to 500, either bright or semidull in various cross-sections. A wide range of applications is possible: twisting, texturizing, weaving, knitting, double plush-Raschel and of course warp knitting for car upholstery, car headlining, side panels, rear parcel shelves, upholstery fabrics and furnishing fabrics.

The main count is dtex 167 f 48, which is supplied as a POY. This POY is then friction and air textured. Although the highly demanding automotive industry is the primary market such qualities can also be used for fashion textiles or for mattress materials. 

Other POY counts, such as dtex 78 f 24, 110 f 36, 240 f 48 are also possible. 

Fully drawn yarns in dtex 33 f 16, 50 f 22, 78 f 24, 100 f 44, 167 f 30, 220 f 44, 330 f 60 are generally produced in black. Other colours are possible provided the quantities do permit economic production. This depends on count and shade. For more information please do not hesitate to ask. For a detailed Decora product list please follow this link


Automotive Decora colours - please click for bigger picture 

Decora shade card - polyester spundyed dopedyed Setila POY FDY and textured Decora shade card - polyester spundyed dopedyed Setila POY FDY and textured Decora shade card - polyester spundyed dopedyed Setila POY FDY and textured Decora shade card - polyester spundyed dopedyed Setila POY FDY and textured
Decora shade card - polyester spundyed dopedyed Setila POY FDY and textured Decora shade card - polyester spundyed dopedyed Setila POY FDY and textured Decora shade card - polyester spundyed dopedyed Setila POY FDY and textured Decora shade card - polyester spundyed dopedyed Setila POY FDY and textured
Decora shade card - polyester spundyed dopedyed Setila POY FDY and textured Decora shade card - polyester spundyed dopedyed Setila POY FDY and textured


Normal textile Decora colours - please click for bigger picture 

New Miroglio Decora for textile applications New Miroglio Decora for textile applications New Miroglio Decora for textile applications
These shades are on flat fully drawn yarn basis 



Please note that the color tongues are divided into 3 sections:

  1. flat yarn to demonstrate the POY shade

  2. same shade in friction textured

  3. same shade in taslan (air textured)

explanation of possible color differences between flat, friction textured and air textured with a DECORA spundyed dopedyed polyester color tongues in the color guide

The idea of this online shade card is to give you a first idea about the standard shades. With this tool you may choose the nearest color tongue as an initial color tongue sample. The color may be different from PC to PC because of the monitor settings (color warmth, color depth, lightness and contrast).

Decora Polyester program

This is a PDF file which you may download with a click on above picture at your convenience


Commercial policy Decora POY

  • All samples are invoiced to the customer
  • Exclusive shades for one customer only are no more acceptable
  • Goods have to be shipped immediately after production - Miroglio will not hold any stocks
  • Customer to accept a quantity margin of +- 10 % from ordered quantity
  • Customer to accept a maximum 10 % of the supplied quantity of A1 quality at same price
  • Colour BLACK 1200 is always in 167 f 48 on stock - min. quantity = 1 pallet = abt. 500 kgs


Count Colour Availability rules
167 f 48 Black 1200 Always on stock, minimum quantity = 1 pallet =
abt. 500 kgs
All cols. ex our automotive shade card 1. Sampling small quantity always on stock which allows to send immediately 1-5 cyls. of 4 kg to a texturizers
2. Collection creation samplings 320 kgs on customers orders - delivery time to be checked
3. Semi-industrial supplies 2 - 3000 kgs on customers order - NOTE: same colour can only be once as a semi-industrial supply
4. Industrial supplies min. 5000 kgs per shade or more
All other colours

a) Recipe already known

b) Recipe not yet known

1. Samplings

2. Industrial supplies

New colours only if car producer is also co-operating

6 bobbins - delivery time abt. 4 weeks

Minimum 10000 kgs - in special cases we may accept 5000 kgs

Small samplings will take at least 6 weeks (a few bobbins). Industr. supplies only min. 10 tons.

All other counts Recipe known or not yet known New colours only if car producer cooperating Small samplings will take min. 6 weeks (a few bobbins). Industr. supplies only 10 tons


The number of applications is immense and most of them have been examined by Miroglio (Decora was formerly owned by Setila) specialists. Why not get in touch with us?


More detailed information on the application DECORA for automotive uses you will find here: part 1 and part 2

You can also find here the latest presentation of Wolfgang Morgenstern at the occasion o f 40th International Man Made Fiber Congress in Dornbirn 19 - 21.09.2001

Miroglio Alba - the new owner of the Decora trademark


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