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EMI protection and conductivity solution -  
Swiss Shield
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Swiss Shield EMI and electro smog textile protection concept

Please note that Swicofil is not a retailer for households - all information given is only for providing ideas on how to use the Swiss Shield yarns:

Welcome to the World Novelty of
Conductive spun yarns for EMI protection

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wiss Shield fabric EMI protection concept for contract field Swiss Shield fabric EMI protection concept Swiss Shield fabric EMI protection concept for private end use Swiss Shield fabric EMI protection concept
Swiss Shield fabric EMI protection concept Swiss Shield fabric EMI protection concept Swiss Shield fabric EMI protection concept for industrial applications Swiss Shield fabric EMI protection concept
Swiss Shield fabric EMI protection concept textile EMI shielding textile electro smog shielding FAQ textile shielding


Electro-smog in short

Anywhere technical implements or supply lines are under electrical tension, fields of alternating induction are created as soon as electric current flows. Nowadays high frequency fields of induction exist everywhere, it is almost impossible to screen these fields off and to avoid them is becoming more and more difficult.

There are many sources which cause such induction fields. Any electrical domestic implement within your own household emits its own field of induction while in use. These fields vary in strength as well as in different ranges of frequencies. In addition to this, there are varying fields of induction originating from the environment such as high tension power lines, transformer stations, electrical installations on the roof of your house, electrical connections to the house, large technical installations, as well as weather-dependent radiation (Sferics) and radiation caused by radio waves, television, telephones etc.

The effect of this influence depends on the nature of different kinds of fields (electric or magnetic fields where one has to differentiate between DC - fields, analogous alternating fields, digital alternating fields and impulse digital alternating fields), the field strength (in volts per meter [V/m] Nano-Teslar [nT], respectively; the frequency (16 2/3 Hz, 50 Hz, high frequency), the direction of the body towards the field and the time of exposure (few minutes, the whole day, during the sleep phase, etc.)

At present very little is known. Concrete hundred percent proof is yet to be established about the effects of electro smog on human health. Studies done on the general public or specific occupational groups are mostly empirical. Therefore, since concrete and hundred percent proof, due to the lack of absolutely clean and repeatable clinical tests excluding all contaminating unavoidable "Dirty Side Influences", cannot be presented as yet, all these findings can be challenged. All tests involving the population at large and specific occupational groups were and are mostly done under the empirical principle. The problem manifests itself during clinical tests as well as from our own experience during examinations, measuring tests and consultations with our customers: while some of those examined are quite insensitive, showing no reactions whatsoever, (or are "thick skinned" as one might say) there are others, who react to a reduction of electric fields remarkably well by an improvement of their condition of health, even to the point of a complete recovery from symptoms caused by the influence of electro smog, achieving a disappearance of all maladies suffered before action was taken to eliminate electro smog from their immediate environment.

After a compilation of all studies, one can say that electro smog causes a very high risk to human beings exposed to it. The risk of contracting cancer as well as to suffer from psychological ailments increases. It is rather remarkable that relatively low intensity fields (as from 100 nT), which cause no harm during a short term exposure, will become dangerous if such fields permanently exist in the vicinity.

From experience gathered over many years, working with relaxation and meditation groups, aimed at the reduction of stress syndromes, it was found that such a reduction of stress improves and plays an important role to strengthen the individuals' resistance through a build-up of a deep inner relaxation of tension. (This goes as well to achieve a higher resistance to very low doses of various other every day environmental toxins).

All these findings should not lead us to believe that there are not individuals, where it has been proven beyond any doubt, that due to the interaction of different environmental conditions such as electro smog have become seriously ill. Unfortunately, at present, there are no real efforts being made, either from the side of natural healers or from the traditional scientific medical profession to effectively help such people.

The Origins
When searching through your household to find the originators of electro smog you should do this in several directions. First of all look for consumers of high energy flow such as water heaters, pressing irons, electrical room heating radiators, etc. then look for utensils being used very close to the body such as hair dryers, electric shavers, micro wave ovens, mobile telephones, etc.

Finally, look at consumers with a very low energy consumption, which however are powered by tension adapters (mini transformers) such as radio alarm clocks battery chargers, etc.

As a general rule you should remember that the more of such consumers are run at the same time and the longer your body is exposed to such units, the more critical it becomes and the more seriously such units should be evaluated.

Here are some examples: (the appliances currently present in your household may differ substantially from the stated values), that you may find in an assumed household:

  • You may use your hair dryer once every day for a period of 10 minutes very close to your head. The field strength of such a hair dryer lies electrically at about 180V/m and magnetically at about 2000 nT.
  • The electric shaver, used once or twice a day causes an electric alternating field of 220 V/m and a magnetic alternating of 4500 nT to your head. 
  • The electric radio alarm clock placed at the headboard of your bed causes, depending on the distance to your head, a field with a strength of 10 to 200 V/m and 200 to 25.000 nT to your head and this for six to ten hours every day.
  • When using your electric cooker you expose your lower abdomen to fields up to 230 V/m and more than 1000 nT, measured at the level of the operating buttons of your range. 
  • If you run your microwave oven at the same time an additional 6000 nT and 200 V/m (and some millivolt high-frequency) must be added.
  • The halogen lamps on your ceiling (especially those which are suspended by current carrying wires) cause, depending the distance to the transformer, up to 200 V/m and 30 to 30000 nT.
  • The fluorescent tubes and display coolers in the supermarket under your flat produce fields reaching up to 300 nT in the whole of your flat and this for 24 hours every day. 
  • The high tension line, passing your house at a distance of 200 m causes, depending on the load carried, a field of 10 to 120 nT inside your living rooms and bedrooms, this, however, all around the clock.

This list could be continued ad infinitum, especially when adding all the times spent in your car, in trams or railway carriages, at your place of work etc. You should try at some time to make a protocol, taking into consideration all the above mentioned points and you will be surprised at the result.

Cure and Prevention
It is important to realize that there are no effective or affordable means in existence for screening against the magnetic alternating fields of such sources except to increase the distance between you and the cause and consequently pull the plug from the mains when not needed, since this is the only means to really isolate a unit from the mains, because of hidden "standby circuits" you may not know of. In contrast to the magnetic alternating field it is relatively easy to screen off or eliminate completely the electric alternating field. This can be achieved through application of special paints, metal foils or special wall plasters.

Another solution to create an electro smog free zone within the sleeping and living area of your house is the installation of a so called mains isolating switch which can be controlled either manually or by infrared signal. To switch off the current by isolating the fuse is also practical but cumbersome. Should you decide to install such a mains isolating switch, we would recommend the use of a model which isolates two phases like the Voegele SS 16-3 or the Nefa 16 plus. You may order these switches directly from the relevant trade outlets for electrical hardware. Especially where the house wiring is of an older age, it has been proven that a two phase mains isolating switch is far more effective because such a switch does not only isolate the current but also the back flow tension and peak oscillations. Mains isolating switches, controlled by infrared, together with remote controls are for instance available from the Conrad Electronic Company. In both cases it is advisable to insert into your wall plug a special night light so as to have a permanent control that the mains isolating switch is working. Another possibility is to have all the wiring and wall plugs within the living and sleeping areas of your house screened and the wires inside the conduit pipes spun twisted. If the additional cost to you for such work is of no importance you may have the whole house done this way.

High frequency
Beside the frequencies discussed above occurring alongside railways and near household currents (16 2/3 Hz and 50 Hz, respectively) there are further higher frequency kinds of fields which can be found as high peak oscillations within the normal house installations such as radio waves (radio, television, CB-transmission, etc.) and as micro waves radiated from the cooker, wireless telephones and cellular telephones. Several implements like light dimmers, from which one would not suspect any emission, give off high frequency radiation.

There is one thing one should not forget that in the meantime there is hardly any place where you are not exposed to electro smog. Wherever your cellular telephone and your wireless telephone are in operation, where there are antennas and other technical installations you can be sure that you are subjected to high frequency electro smog radiation.

The effect of these waves seem, if they have a low frequency pulse, to be much stronger than the ones of classical analogue pulse systems. Such waves are radiated by cellular telephones in the D net and E net as well as some wireless household telephones.

Research has shown that EEG-values (brain current measurements) show strange wave patterns even after a long time has passed since using a cellular telephone last. Hereby it is irrelevant if you or your neighbor has been using such a cellular telephone.

Because of the ever increasing contamination of the environment, caused by electro smog, and the legislation, which does everything to protect the interest of certain lobbies, sponsored by big industrial enterprises, who do what they want, we have no choice but to create our own zones of low radiation with a minimum of technical equipment to achieve protection for our bodies during relaxation and sleep periods. As already mentioned above, these zones are our bedrooms and living rooms, which should receive top priority in our efforts to optimize protection against the burden of electro smog. Neither radio alarm clocks, TV sets, telephones of any kind nor any technical implements should have a place in these areas. Aluminum foils (used as steam barriers), mirrors as well as beds made of metal tubing and mattresses containing steel springs should also be removed because of their antenna effect.

Should it be that you cannot dispense with or be unable to do away with all the above mentioned, such as an electrical bed adjustment, air-conditioners or alarm devices, the actual radiation of all these implements should be measured to find the real load values and to be able to arrive at alternative solutions to protect yourself as much as possible.

Even though every expert opinion has critics and different interpretations or that another expert opinion will say exactly the opposite, prevention is still better than waiting till the damage has already occurred or that the legislation of our Government will at last decide on, and consistently enforce laws which have already existed in other countries exist for a long time already.

For instance the permitted maximum radiation values for micro wave ovens in the former USSR are much lower than here, PC - monitors sold in Sweden are subjected to much more stringent radiation rules (MPR-III), and the building of schools or kindergartens below high tension lines has been against the law in other countries for a long time already (in our country it is only a recommendation and not a law).



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