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Peral Enterprises  
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Peral Enterprises - The natural speciality fiber source

The natural fiber speciality source.

Peral is a privately owned company involved in the processing of high quality natural fibers and also into hand woven textiles and handicrafts made from the same indigenous materials. The customers are targeted to receive only excellent quality goods especially suited to meet particular business challenges.

We believe that mutual honesty, candor and trust are the foundations to a successful business relationship and are convinced that the communication lines be always open. In order to achieve this ideal, the company is willing to sit down with clients to exchange ideas, listen to concerns, analyze positions and finally, to the very best of the capabilities, deliver what is being sourced for. Peral works to help accomplish customer's goals because their success is Peral's success too.

The professionalism and dedication to the total commitment of customer satisfaction keeps Peral on top of the industry. Commitment to knowing and understanding each customer's unique business situations, is what makes Peral Enterprises apart and a cut above competitions. With PERAL ENTERPRISES, clients get the security and stability of an established company backed with the assurance of 30 years plus of business experiences in dealing with international organizations. 


Products, Volume supplied:

  • Raw natural fibers such as 
    - Abaca / Manila Hemp, 
    - Raffia/Raphia/Ruffia, 
    - Buntal and 
    - Buri Fiber

  • Fiber textiles such as Raffia cloth, textile and Sinamay including mixed material fabrics or in semi-format material as spooled Abaca thread and Raffia yarns

  • Handicrafts made from the same material as comprising the like of crocheted mats and hoods, natural fiber camouflage, Raffia mask/mascara, Hula, Grass, Table and Bedding skirts. Twines & Pencil size braids for furniture making.


There are vast amounts of indigenous fibers that can be found in Asia. Some of which especially thrive in the country's tropical climate including the world-famous Abaca fiber and Pina (Pineapple) fiber.

The process of extraction varies from plant to plant but the rest of the operations is generally the same. This section will touch on the standard operating procedure of the Peral company with regards to the processing of Abaca fiber. It is provided to give an insight into the laborious process entailed in this industry as well as the strict quality inspection we subject our product to. Together with Peral Enterprises, we believe only in the best.

The natural speciality fiber source Peral Enterprises

The first step in the process of extracting the Abaca Fiber is to cut the stalk of the Abaca Plant. The stalk is round in nature and will be sliced into quarters lengthwise. Afterwards, the stalk is placed under a large knife.  Abaca Fiber - cut and sliced Abaca Fiber - cut and sliced
Though small by comparison, it would look similar to that of a paper cutting board where the knife is pressed halfway down and is secured in that position. Then, the stalk will be pulled through the knife scrapping off the none filamented materials. Abaca Fiber - cut and sliced
This is the raw form of the abaca fiber. The fiber will then be hung up to dry as shown in the photos
Classification of Abaca FiberAfter the fiber has been dried, it is then brought in for inspection. At this point the fibers are then classified into the different grades of fibers. Because Peral Enterprises is in the business of selling the best, the company separates the excellent fibers from the rest. When the fibers have been separated. It is then hung up and combed to remove tangles, bark and other impurities. When done, the finished product will yield a white, shiny and clean processed fiber. Only these high quality fibers will be used and sold by the company.


The next step after the processing is to pack the fiber for export. The Company uses its own in-house baling press for this purpose. Every bale is then tied and packed with Polyethylene plastic and covered with a sack to ensure that the customers receive secured quality fibers. Peral Enterprises is known for  varieties of fibers not too commercially available Abaca Fiber - processing and packing into bales Abaca Fiber - processing and packing into bales
Abaca Fiber - processing and packing into bales



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