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by Susanne Galliker

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Setila SA in Valence does no longer exist as a result of the economic circumstances. 

Swicofil has teamed up with alternate sources for high quality product. We do not delete the Setila pages from our web as we are able to serve you with most products in a similar excellent quality. Please place your inquiry here with all details.


SETILAŇ Comforto

Promoting moisture transfer
and bringing you comfort

Setila Comforto is part of a new generation of textiles with exceptional properties. Intelligent synthetic fabrics are able to keep the body constantly at ist ideal temperature.

Setila Comforto achieves this by transporting sweat away from the body.


Comforto moisture transfer system from Setila

Setila Comforto is a knitted fabric composed of two faces which allow two complementary actions to be achieved.

The inner face is made from standard textured yarn with a high capillarity action that allows perspiration to be transferred to the outer face. The outer face is made up of fine filaments or microfilaments which allows moisture to be rapidly evaporated.

This exceptional performance brings three main benefits:
  • Any excessive heat building-up is suppressed, and ventilation continues even when the garment is wet.
  • Shivering is avoided because the inner face prevents any feeling of coldness against the skin.
  • Complete freedom of movement is assured because the garment does not cling to the skin.

Result: a high degree of comfort is guaranteed

Drying time (minutes)

Comforto drying time

Comforto cling index by Setila

Suitable for the most active sports

If there is one area of life which requires garments that allow the body to breathe and move freely its the are of sports. Setila Comforto has strongly established its credentials in the world of sport over a wide range of sporting activities.

Tried and tested

The development of Setila Comforto fabrics has been accompanied by a high level of testing. This allows for the high performance characteristics of these fabrics to be demonstrated scientifically.

The performance of Setila Comforto during sporting activity has been measured by both sports institutes and by universities.

A study of cotton garments and of garments made of synthetic fibres, carried out with the aid of a thermocamera, has effectively demonstrated that garments made in Setila Comforto do not limit the natural heat regulation of the body as cotton garments can.


Underwear with a high comfort factor.

Setila Comforto fabrics have a natural appearance and a soft handle which makes them pleasant to wear. Double- Face knitted garments with an inner face of synthetic fibres and an outer face of cotton have for several years proved suitable for sports such as tennis, hiking, golf and jogging.

However double-faced garments in 100% PES, have an exceptional ability to transmit perspiration away fro the body and are often used in stenuous sports where players sweat heavily, such as football and cycling.


The below photograph shows a sportsman back after a 60 minute stress test.

Comforto body heat scan

  1. Cotton jersey. Cotton swells to absorbs moisture and hence blocks the escape of the heat. This results in heat accumulating and the body's temperature increases (the dark green regions show areas of low heat emission).
  2. Setila Comforto in Jersey. The permanent transmission of heat achieved by Setila Comforto can be very clearly observed (the dark red areas indicate a strong heat emission due to a better evaporation of the sweat



They are therefore ideal for use in underwear garments.

Underwear made in Setila Comforto allow the body to breathe thereby providing the wearer a high degree of comfort.

Comforto by Setila


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