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Sampling policy and working philosophy


Dear Swicofil Customer,


Swicofil has PASSION FOR SUCCESS  =  We love to serve you well

Our acitivity is in yarn and fiber specialities. Please do not inquiry for fabrics or ready made products. Exceptions are marked on relevant pages.

In order to be able serving our valuable customers in a perfect way we would like to explain how Swicofil handles sample requests and what the basis of a successful co-operation with Swicofil is.


Working policy

Swicofil is a commercial organization and We love to serve YOU well. This goal can only be achieved if we are able to work efficiently. 

Are you the first time placing an inquiry to Swicofil? 

Swicofil wants to know whom we are working with. Therefore we like to receive background info on your company, your activity and on your place in the market. Stealth mode inquiries are not accepted.

Inquiries from mobile phones will only be handled if we know you!

If you are new please provide full details in first instance.

Please understand time is short and valuable. May we therefore invite you to bear in mind that only if we know ALL YOUR requirements WELL our staff is able to serve you fast and perfectly.
If you do not tell us all behind your inquiry and questions, how should we know and guide you/answer
to them?

To answer questions and to work out offers (you can expect from Swicofil detailed offers which do not leave questions open) represents quite some hours of work. Most of the materials which we handle originate from different sources and from countries all over the world. The list of products we handle is very vast and this explains the importance of efficiency. In your own interest please regard the following points:

  1. Please provide ALL details of your requirements straight from the beginning
    To support you we developed a checklist which you can download and send us fully filled in - very useful for a new activity. Swicofil does not insist on receiving forms if you prefer to provide the minimum  4 pieces of information mentioned here
    If you like to get more detailed explanations what we need to know with each inquiry please follow this link here
  2. Kindly asking you to make sure that you provide full details on your company activity, your motivation/reason why you inquire with us, your full address details and phone numbers etc.

    Anonymous inquiries, especially from mass mail providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc., where full details are missing will no longer be answered!
    Swicofil cannot afford to waste time for people who do not want to co-operate fully.

    The same applies to incomplete inquiries for products and applications which are no longer of our interest - Swicofil
    can no longer answer to such email inquiries!
  3. If you have questions please be very specific - we do not know what you do not know. 
    (general questions like "what are minimum quantities" or "can we get more information from you on .... " can no longer be answered - it is preferred that you tell us the quantity you require - this is what we try to meet and base our offer on - if there is a minimum quantity for production reasons we will make our counter proposition in our offer accordingly).
  4. Please remember that freight charges do vary quite substantially - shipping small quantities is far more costly per kg than full container loads. Therefore getting quantity and potential information is vital. 
    a) quantity for first tests/trials
    b) quantity for first commercial delivery
    c) your expectation of the annual consumption if all goes well
        (If you do not have a guestimate why AT ALL do you work on the subject?)
  5. Kindly note that samples are not available on stock in our office because the number of products which we handle is immense. They have to be ordered on a case by case basis. Today all producers insist that samples and shipping costs are paid for. Otherwise they will not provide samples.
  6. Swicofil is dedicated to yarn and fiber specialities and to highest quality products. We are not interested in inquiries for substandards, stock lots etc. - we will not reply to such inquiries.
  7. Swicofil treats the activities of customers confidential. Therefore never ask us for customers names if you are looking for products which we do not handle. We repeat:   Our portfolio is yarn and fiber specialities.
  8. Swicofil likes to know the customers and the field in which they are playing. Therefore please let us have some insight in your company and activity. Thank you


Should you require more guidance/long term coaching on product developments, new ideas etc. we are more than happy to assist you. Obviously such activities involve a lot more of our time - they are subject  to special agreements where working time and all other costs need to be addressed. 

For big mass standard products at cheap prices you are well advised to check with other sources - the same holds true for inquiries from private persons, from one person companies

Swicofil expects the courtesy of receiving your complete contact details with the first communication - especially if your email address is a mass mailing service like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, GMail etc. Inquiries originating from mass mailing services without full contact details will be deleted by our system!



Sampling policy

Free samples have NO value!

By experience free samplings are a one way street which in most cases do not lead to success. Swicofil would only like to support successful trials.

A customer who pays for samples automatically puts more value to them! He professionally evaluated the chances/risks of his project and he invested into the purchase of samples. We mention this here because in the past too often we were asked to send a sample and never got results or a feedback. Swicofil prefers to work with serious and successful customers. 

In view of a long term partnership our policy is to:

  • support serious and successful customers in their sample requests
  • arrange the necessary samples from all the partners in the world
  • charge for the samples and the shipping of them to the client
    (we apply a minimum amount for samples
    (can be refunded once the customer goes industrial) and on top of that the real shipping costs for courier etc)
  • engage for a cost refunding scheme once the project goes commercial and Swicofil can start supplying on a regular basis.

We do thank you for your understanding and wish you a successful start with Swicofil as your reliable and long term partner.



Payment remarks

Every customer is a highly valuable partner!

Swicofil considers every customer from the first contact onwards as a partner. In a good partnership one sticks to the agreements and to the words given. This includes adhering to the agreed payment terms.


We judge a customer by his payment performance. Customers who pay in time or even before the due date always get our unconditional priority treatment and support.


Clients who drag the feet fulfilling their part of the entered obligations or who delay payments run the risk of loosing that support. We have set up a pre-due-date reminder system to ensure that every customer is able to pay in time. Therefore late payers expose themselves to advance payment terms.


There are NO open credit terms at Swicofil AG unless we are covered by our credit insurance or by another 100 % safe financial tool - our all duty is to sell and to make sure we are paid in time.  - top priority: money must be here on due date! There are following two categories which can be applied:

Atradius credit insurance

Other Securities

Payment terms according

to Atradius insurance policy


CAD net (only in well organized countries)

L/C irrevocable + confirmed (very costly)

Bankguarantee by first class Swiss bank

Avalized bank draft by first class Swiss bank

ERG or BAWI coverage (very costly)



All Swicofil staff members are grateful for your help to gain time and be more productive. 


PASSION FOR SUCCESS  =  We love to serve you well

For big mass standard products at cheap prices you are well advised to check with other suppliers  

Swicofil is concentrating on specialities and our target is 

  • to develop regular business 
  • where an excellent quality and
  • a reliable service are important. 

SWICOFIL customers are innovative and novelty oriented companies using yarns and fibers in all industrial segments such as 

  • technical engineering
    automotive, wind power, sports, construction, outer space 


  • medical + health
    supports and in-body solutions 

  • communication + sensoring
    process  management, power supply, reflection 


  • filtration + separation
    solids, liquids, gas 

  • protection
    against any condition
    shielding, ESD, bacteria 


  • green + sustainability
    natural and biological 

  • luxury + jewellery
    apparel, gadgets 


  • and all other yarn and fiber application fields where functionality, reliability, quality, flexibility and a perfect global sales service are vital for your success.



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