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Why am I directed to this page?

Dear future Swicofil Customer,

Thank you very much for your inquiry.

You are directed to this page because important information is missing in your inquiry or because we are not clear what exactly you like us to offer.

Therefore we point out that without your detailed input we will not be able to work out our offer(s). In order to be fast and to find your special product we are grateful if you specify the following 4 points:

  1. What product do you require?
    Exact and detailed product description is needed. Kindly use the inquiry form to determine all details.
  2. Quantity information?
    Quantity you want us to offer in each product (pls. answer all three):
    a) for sampling
    b) then in commercial deliveries
    c) and finally what potential per year is behind if trials 
         are successful
    Kindly do not ask for what minimum quantities are - Swicofil targets to meet your requirements - so please tell us exactly what they are.

    We do love to serve YOU WELL.

    If we give you a price for one bobbin the price will certainly be too high. If we only offer you container loads anything less than that will be more expensive. Therefore your estimation of quantities and potential are important.

  3. Usage of the yarn
    a) What is the first machine our yarn/fibers goes on?
    b) What is the final article you make out of it? 
    c) Are there special functionalities which you need 
        to meet with our yarn/fiber?
  4. Economic environment
    Business background information will help a lot to speed up offers. This part includes infos on who was the supplier so far, what is the market importance of your company, price expectation etc. 


We do thank you to keep those 4 points in mind and to clarify them straight from the beginning (at the time of your inquiry to us). In this way you help us to gain time and become more productive. Looking forward to your news. Thanks for your efforts to help us serving you efficiently.


Would you like to use our checklist. For your convenience you may download it and use it for every new product. 
If you like to get more explanations what details we need to know with each inquiry please follow this link here.


Sampling policy and working philosophy

The team of Swicofil is pleased to work on your inquiry.

Should you have been directed to this page or should you not have received an offer it means that your complete input has not reached us yet. 

In case of any question please do not hesitate to call us
+41 41 2679024. 

Thank you for your support - being more efficient is your benefit.

For big mass standard products at cheap prices you are well advised to check with other sources - the same holds true for inquiries from private persons, from one person companies

Swicofil expects the courtesy of receiving your complete contact details with the first communication - especially if your email address is a mass mailing service like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, GMail etc. Inquiries originating from mass mailing services without full contact details will be deleted by our system!

Swicofil is concentrating on specialities and our target is 

  • to develop regular business 
  • where an excellent quality and
  • a reliable service are important. 

Spam note:
Please note that all Swicofil staff members use an anti-spam tool called Mailwasher. This program filters out unwanted spam and blocks spammers in future. Should your email to us not be replied quickly it may well be that your email address or your internet service provider ISP has been blocked by that program. In such a case please call us 0041 41 2673464 to unblock your specific address for future use..


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