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Swicofil Manual - Yarn numbering details

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Monofil diam.


Yarn numbering systems


Swicofil indicates the counts of their yarns by means of the Tex-system.

Tex Units



Basic Tex Unit [tex]

Mass of yarn in grams per 1000 meters length

Decimal fraction

Mass of yarn in grams per 10'000 meters length

Decitex [dtex]

1 g / 10'000 m = 1/10 tex
Decitex is the count grading for filament and spinning yarns recognized by all international bodies in the man-made fibres industry.

Decimal multiple

Mass in kilograms per 1000 meters length.

Kilotex [ktex]

1 kg / 1000 m = 1000 tex)
Kilotex is used to state the counts of spinning tow and similar semi-finished and finished products.

Other numbering Systems

Count denier [den]

Mass of yarn in grams for length of 9000 meters

Metric yarns number [Nm]

Length in meters per 1 gram of mass

English cotton yarn number [Ne or ECC)]

Number of 840 yards strands per 1 English pound of mass

Wool runs Number of 1600 yards strands per 1 English pound of mass
Wool, worsted (NeK) Number of 560 yards strands per 1 English pound of mass
Wool, woolen measure (NeS) Number of 256 yards strands per 1 English pound of mass
Linen Count (NeL or Lea) Number of 300 yards strands per 1 English pound of mass
Spun Silk Number of 840 yards strands per 1 English pound of mass


Worsted wool is nothing to do with worsted weight yarn. Worsted wool is wool which is carded and combed so that all the fibres are parallel. Woolen measure or Yorkshire wool is carded but not combed, so is a little rougher. Worsted wool is usually very fine and used for suits and fine fabric. Hand knitting yarn is usually woolen type yarn. When quoting wool some manufacturers specify "worsted" or "woolen". Most do not!


Conversion Formulas for the various numbering systems



tex decitex 
Metric No.
English Cotton No. 
  10 x tex 9 x tex 1000
  0.9 x dtex 10000
Metric No.
  0.59 x Nm
English Cotton No. 
Ne x 1.69  



Yarn count conversion



Conversion Factors

To Convert To Multiply by
inches millimeters 25.4
inches feet 0.0833
feet inches 12*
feet meters 0.3048
feet yards 0.3333
feet miles (U.S. statute) 0.0001894
yards yards 3*
yards miles (U.S. statute) 0.0005682
miles (U.S. statute) feet 5280*
miles (U.S. statute) yards 1760*
miles (U.S. statute) meters 1609
miles (U.S. statute) nautical miles 0.868
meters feet 3.281
meters yards 1.094
meters miles (U.S. statute) 0.0006214
nautical miles miles (U.S. statute) 1.152
square inches square centimeters 6.452
square inches square feet 0.006944
square feet square inches 144*
square feet square meters 0.09290
square meters square feet 10.76
square miles square yards 3,097,600*
square yards square feet 9*
cubic inches cubic centimeters 16.39
cubic inches cubic feet 0.0005787
cubic feet cubic inches 1728*
cubic feet cubic meters 0.02832
cubic feet U.S. gallons 7.481
cubic meters cubic feet 35.31
liters quarts (U.S. liquid) 1.057
quarts (U.S. liquid) liters 0.9463
U.S. gallons barrels (petroleum) 0.02381
U.S. gallons cubic feet 0.1337
U.S. gallons Imperial gallons 0.8327
barrels (petroleum) U.S. gallons 42*
Imperial gallons U.S. gallons 1.201
milliliters cubic centimeters 1*
seconds minutes 0.01667
seconds hours 0.0002778
seconds days 0.00001157
minutes seconds 60*
minutes hours 0.01667
minutes days 0.0006944
hours seconds 3600*
hours minutes 60*
hours days 0.04167
Mass or Weight
pounds kilograms 0.4536
pounds short tons 0.0005*
pounds long tons 0.0004464
pounds metric tons 0.0004536
tons (short) pounds 2000*
tons (metric) pounds 2205
tons (long) pounds 2240*
kilograms pounds 2.205
tonnes (metric tons) kilograms 1000*
calories Btu 0.003968
calories joules 4.187
Btu (British Thermal Units) calories 252.0
Btu joules 1055
joules calories 0.2388
joules Btu 0.0009479
feet per second meters per second 0.3048
feet per second miles per hour 0.6818
feet per second knots 0.5921
meters per second feet per second 3.281
meters per second miles per hour 2.237
miles per hour meters per second 0.4470
miles per hour feet per second 1.467
knots meters per second 0.5148
knots miles per hour 1.151
knots feet per second 1.689
pounds per cubic foot grams per cubic centimeter 0.01602
grams per cubic centimeter pounds per cubic foot 62.42
grams per cubic centimeter kilograms per cubic meter 1000*
kilograms per cubic meter grams per cubic centimeter 0.001*
pounds per square inch absolute (psia) kilonewtons per square meter (kN/m2) 6.895
psia atmospheres 0.0680
psia inches of water 27.67
psia millimeters of mercury (torr) 51.72
pounds per square inch gauge (psig) psia add 14.70
millimeters of mercury (torr) psia 0.01934
millimeters of mercury (torr) kN/m2 0.1333
inches of water psia 0.03614
kilograms per square centimeter millimeters of mercury (torr) 735.6
inches of water kN/m2 0.2491
kilograms per square centimeter atmospheres 0.9678
atmospheres kN/m2 101.3
kilograms per square centimeter psia 14.22
atmospheres psia 14.70
bars kN/m2 100*
kilonewtons per square meter psia 0.1450
bars atmospheres 0.9869
kilonewtons per square meter atmospheres 0.009869
bars kilograms per square centimeter 1.020
centipoises pounds per foot per second 0.0006720
pounds per foot per second centipoises 1488
centipoises poises 0.01*
centipoises newton seconds per square meter 0.001*
poises grams per centimeter per second 1*
grams per centimeter per second poises 1*
newton seconds per square meter centipoises 1000*
Thermal Conductivity
Btu per hour per foot per oF watts per meter-Kelvin 1.731
Btu per hour per foot per oF kilocalories per hour per meter per oC 1.488
watts per meter-Kelvin Btu per hour per foot per oF 0.5778
kilocalories per hour per meter per oC watts per meter-Kelvin 1.163
kilocalories per hour per meter per oC Btu per hour per foot per oF 0.6720
Heat Capacity
Btu per pound per oF calories per gram per oC 1*
Btu per pound per oF joules per kilogram-Kelvin 4187
joules per kilogram-Kelvin Btu per pound per oF 0.0002388
calories per gram per oC Btu per pound per oF 1*
Concentration (in water solution)
parts per million (ppm) milligrams per liter 1*
milligrams per liter ppm 1*
milligrams per cubic meter grams per cubic centimeter 1 X 10-9
grams per cubic centimeter milligrams per cubic meter 1 X 109
grams per cubic centimeter pounds per cubic foot 62.42
pounds per cubic foot grams per cubic centimeter 0.01602
degrees Kelvin (oK) degrees Rankine (oR) 1.8*
degrees Rankine (oR) degrees Kelvin (oK) 0.5556
degrees centigrade (oC) degrees Fahrenheit (oF) first multiply by 1.8, then add 32
degrees Fahrenheit (oF) degrees centigrade (oC) first subtract 32, then multiply by 0.5556
degrees centigrade (oC) degrees Kelvin (oK) add 273.2
degrees Fahrenheit (oF) degrees Rankine (oR) add 459.7
cubic feet per second U.S. gallons per minute 448.9
U.S. gallons per minute cubic feet per second 0.002228


For a great site for conversion of units please follow this link


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