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Polyethylene is the most popular plastic in the world. It has a very simple structure, the simplest of all commercial polymers. A molecule of polyethylene is a long chain of carbon atoms, with two hydrogen atoms attached to each carbon atom.

polyethylenemolecule.gif (3389 Byte)

Sometimes it is a little more complicated. Sometimes some of the carbons, instead of having hydrogen attached to them, will have long chains of polyethylene attached to them. This is called branched, or low-density polyethylene, or LDPE. When there is no branching, it is called linear polyethylene, or HDPE. linear polyethylene is much stringer than branched polyethylene, but branched polyethylene is cheaper and easier to make.



As a result of branching, side groups become attached to the main chain. Branching leads to a decrease in crystallinity, lowered density, and impaired stiffness. Branched, low-density polyethylene has good toughness and pliability. It has outstanding electrical properties, it is resistant to acids and bases, and has high tear strength. Branched polyethylene is used for films, drapes, table cloths, squeeze bottles, and coatings for foil.

Linear, high-density polyethylene has high crystallinity and high melting temperature. Linear polyethylene has a greater hardness and tensile strength than branched polyethylene. It is used in bottles, house wares, toys, pipes, and wire and cable insulation.

polyethylene production scheme





Specific gravity



Factor to calculate tex value

754 x d2

730 x d2

Range of temperatures

-30 to + 95

-30 to + 95

Melting point



Tensile strength
max.poss.: 0,16 0,25 mm
0,26 0,40 mm

50 or specified

65 or specified

Elongation at break
minimum possible
maximum possible

25 or specified

25 or specified

Shrinkage at 100 C
minimum possible
maximum possible

5 or specified

5 or specified

Selfextinguishing (SE)
according to UL 94-V2
Our monofilaments can be supplied as self- extinguishing monofilaments. However, this effects the standard colour and excludes the possibility of UV-resistance


Physical Properties of Polypropylene
Moisture regain  
Refractive indexNnD23  
Thermal conductivity  
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion  
Heat of fusion  
Specific heat  
Density of melt at 180oC  
Heat of combustion  
Oxygen index  
Decomposition temperature range  
Dielectric constant (0.1 M Hz)  
Dissipation factor (0.1 M Hz)  
Specific volume resistivity  


  • Nets and fabrics for agricultural end uses, for geotextiles
  • Any kind of sun breakers, sun blinds, shade nets, wind walls,
  • open packaging, safety nets
  • Swimming pool covers
  • Ropes, strings
  • fishing net
  • reinforcements in various coated products such as plastic, paper etc


  • Weaving into fabrics for agro- and geotextiles, filters, shade nets, industrial textiles, swimming pool covers  and furnishing fabrics

  • Rachel knitting into protection nets, windwalls, open packaging, safety nets, marking materials etc.

  • Reinforcements of various coated products such as plastic, paper etc.

  • Braiding into ropes, fishing net strings, electric fences, rubber band covering etc


  • flat yarn
  • textured yarn
  • high tenacity
  • monofilament
  • fibers
  • tow
  • spun yarns


polyethylenechain.gif (41587 Byte)



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Esbjerg Thermoplast - a division of VitaVitasheetGroup Esbjerg formerly named Esbjerg Thermoplast
Div of Vita Polymers Denmark A/S





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