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Welcome to your yarn and fiber expert for innovative applications where best solutions with functional properties and a perfect service are important.

Swicofil Consult

Your global yarn and fiber Consulting Partner for new and improved solutions - we accompany you in your developments

Swicofil Consult for solutions with yarn and fiber specialities 

Your collaboration with SWICOFIL Consult brings you savings in R&D times and costs.

  • You have an independent evaluation expert and partner who is capable of accompanying you throughout your projects

  • You have one contact person who cares for a successful outcome of your project and who helps you to avoid endless trial and error cycles.

  • You gain a valuable advantage in terms of invested time and energy

  • You equip yourself with know how and experience which was accumulated in hundreds of projects throughout the industry

  • You do work with a company who is proud of Swiss values and highest quality standards of trust, discretion and co-operating fairness

Swicofil Consult philosophy and worldwide network

Below is a list of market segments where Swicofil Consult works on specific solutions.

  • technical engineering
    automotive, wind power, sports,
    construction, outer space,


  • medical + health
    supports, wellness, cosmetic solutions
    and in-body applications like sutures and

  • communication + sensoring
    process management, power supply,
    reflection, RFID,
    stimulation and sensoring


  • filtration + separation
    solids, liquids, gas

  • protection + security
    against anything
    shielding, ESD, bacteria, insects


  • green + sustainability
    natural and biological

  • luxury + jewellery
    apparel, gadgets, watches


  • and all other yarn and fiber application
    fields where functionality, reliability,
    quality, flexibility and a perfect global
    sales service are vital for your success.


The key of success of this worldwide activity is based on the longterm expertise and the decades of experience of Swicofil AG and the co-operations within our partner-network.



SWICOFIL Consult is YOUR one stop yarn and fiber specialist to support you during the development phase of new products. Our goal is to become your longterm supplier.

We love to serve you well!

Swicofil - Your global partner for yarn and fiber specialities and for high tech solutions. The reliable Swiss company in the heart of Europe with over 40 years of experience in yarn and fiber specialities. This experience combined with our multi- product approach enables you to reduce your R&D times and costs considerably.


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Natural fibers - plant origin Synthetic material origin
Natural fibers - animal origin 
Regenerated fibers from natural sources   Inorganic - minerals and metal origin



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ISO 9001:2008 certificate valid through to August 2018

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