Innovation is a key driving-force in SETILA’s business philosophy, especially innovation in products and services which meet and often anticipate their customer’s needs. Together with their partners in the textile chain SETILA continues to define and launch new products designed to keep all members of this partnership at the forefront of textile excellence.



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CORTERRA fibers combine the best properties of nylon and polyester for unique comfort and stretch. Fabrics made from CORTERRA offer softness with durability, increased bulk and a smoother hand, plus vibrant color and remarkable drapability. CORTERRA Fibers are easy to work with and may simplify manufacturing. Whatever the occasion, fabrics made from CORTERRA fibers will look and wear beautifully.

Polytrimethylene Terephtalate (PTT) is a distinct polymer for fibre, the first new commercial entrant in nearly fourty years. It has chemical properties similar to PET but possesses distinct physical properties due to micro morphology. Chain mobility is greater, meaning that lower glass transition allows atmospheric dyeability.

Setila Valence is one of first European companies introducing this new product line and is the fastest moving licensee of Shell in terms of filament yarns for textile applications.

Initial counts are POY dtex 78 f 22 and dtex 78 f 32. Main idea is to produce and sell the textured yarns.

Target markets are the circular knitting market for apparel as well as the weaving weft market for apparel and sportswear. Once fully developed, Corterra is thought to be used also in the automotive market.

As next step we plan to produce a textured dtex 44 f 16 for warpknitting and circular knitting. Corterra has excellent properties and is destined to be used for fabrics which are especially near to the skin.

Knitted samples are now available and full bobbins for initial trials can be ordered from us.




Setila yarns for ladies outerwear


If you run your fingers across this fabric, you will immediately appreciate its major qualities: take note, for example, that you have at your fingertips a texture completely different to any you have come across before and that the truly soft handle is extremely pleasant.

All of its qualities have led to great success, and it is by following trends very closely that we can create such an attractive fabric.

The quality and handle unique to Setila Wear fabrics is due in part to the blend of several components which offer as well such elegant chiné appearance.
The extraordinary softness which characterizes Setila Wear is the result of using very fine filaments in the making of the yarn, and it is this very softness which offers to the fabric outstanding drape and excellent natural look.

Setila Wear adapts perfectly to body movement, underlines its shape and embellishes it.

Thanks to its impressive composition, Setila Wear is an easy-care fabric: dimensional stability, quick drying and perfect colour retention are its main attractions

Because beauty and comfort are two indispensable elements in today’s fashion, Setila Wear offers pleasant handle and perfect fit all day long. This is a new idea for men and women who must live fashion intensely.

Colours inspired by nature to produce shades such as cinnamon, ochre, green or petrol. The colour palette offers great originality and is completed by the chiné look, then added superbly to today’s fashion trends.

Up-to-date shades with a silky handle for new fabrics that are so comfortable to wear.

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