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This is the main area of use for polyester filament yarn.
Here, major res
earch and development efforts undertaken over the last ten years by SETILA, have resulted in the development of synthetic fabrics which have a superior handle, drape and appearance.
It is also possible to produce fabrics with SETILA® yarns that resemble those made from natural fibres such as cotton and wool in their appearance and handle. In addition new innovative yarns have given textile manufacturers the means to invent new and original fabrics : microfibre for parkas, polar fleece fabrics and soft velvets, to name but a few.



If formal outerwear for both men and women is often the preserve of natural fibres in blends or wholly one fibre (e.g. cotton, polyester/cotton, wool) then polyester filament yarn has established itself in a wide range of uses : ladies’ suits, blouses and shirts and especially lingerie. Expert yarn processors twist and treat polyester yarns in ways very similar to those used for silk. The yarns used are very fine and the weight of each individual filament will vary from as little as 56 to 100 grams per 1,000 kilometers of length. Special processes on the yarn and on the fabrics result in garments which have all the attributes of softness, brightness, drape and handle, combined with excellent colour and print possibilities and easy-care. For all these reasons, the leading ready-to-wear brands feature polyester in a major way.



Because athletes, professionals and amateurs require fabrics that are both light and airy, allowing the body to breathe and perspiration to evaporate, SETILA’s polyester filament yarns have easily found their niche in sporting circles. The combination of filaments of different thickness has allowed fabrics to be produced that provides the wearer with comfort, allowing them to optimize their performance.

Today, many athletes are equipped with knitted shirts made from SETILA® and SETILA® MICRO yarns, ranging from tennis, football and cycling to mountain sports such as skiing and climbing any many others. For example, the Adidas shirts worn by the German football team, when they won the Euro ’96 championship in England, were made from SETILA yarn produced in the factory at Widnau in Switzerland.



Technological innovations developed for sporting applications have naturally extended their scope into leisurewear. Garments made from polyester possess characteristics that ensure their ever-growing success : softness and drape, comfortable, pleasant to the touch and elegant.

Every year in Europe and the rest of the world, millions of blousons, sports-shirts, blouses and trousers are made using these yarns under the brand-name SETILA®, SETILA® SOFT, SETILA® MICRO, PONTELLA® and PONTELLA® MICRO.


Today, 65 % of all textiles used in the automotive sector are made from polyester filament yarn : seats, door panels, roof-lining.

Because of its outstanding capacity for development and creativity, SETILA is one of the leading contributors to this market, supplying the yarn to equip more than 3 million vehicles with fabrics and velours in a wide range of colours. To support this project, there is a development center situated near Lucerne in Switzerland which works in close collaboration with the motor manufacturers to create those fabrics which will be used in the cars of tomorrow.

To meet the demands of the world’s major automotive producers, SETILA offers DECORA® a melt-dyed polyester yarn whose technology allows the manufacturer to achieve exceptional resistance to the effects of lights and UV rays in fabrics and whose wear-life is at least 10 years. In addition, tests have proven DECORA’s considerable capacity to resist wear by abrasion. The technology and performance features of this yarn underline SETILA’s ensured position in the automotive market.


Household textiles

Traditionally, SETILA has developed fabrics for use in the home, such as upholstery, drapes and net-curtains. Alongside this range of TERGAL fabrics, which are still used in nets and curtains, there are now articles in PONTELLA® and PONTELLA® MICRO. These products are greatly appreciated for their easy-care, their appearance retention and their exceptional handle, which is similar to that given by natural fibres.


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